Global Publications Output in Quantum Computing Research: A Scientometric Assessment during 2007-16

S. M. Dhawan, B.M. Gupta, Sudhanshu Bhusan


The paper maps quantum computing research on various publication and citation indicators, using data from Scopus database covering 10-year period 2007-16. Quantum computing research cumulated 4703 publications in 10 years, registered a slow 3.39% growth per annum, and averaged 14.30 citations per paper during the period. Top 10 countries dominate the field with 93.15% global publications share. The USA accounted for the highest 29.98% during the period. Australia tops in relative citation index (2.0).  International collaboration has been a major driver of research in the subject; 14.10% to 62.64% of national level output of top 10 countries appeared as international collaborative publications. Computer Science is one of the most popular areas of research in quantum computing research. The study identifies top 30 most productive organizations and authors, top 20 journals reporting quantum computing research, and 124 highly cited papers with 100+ citations per paper.


Quantum computing; Computer Science; Global publications; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2018-01147


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