Developing Methods and Algorithms for Cloud Computing Management Systems in Industrial Polymer Synthesis Processes

Eldar Miftakhov, Svetlana Mustafina, Andrey Akimov, Oleg Larin, Alexei Gorlov


To date, the resources and computational capacity of companies have been insufficient to evaluate the technological properties of emerging products based on mathematical modelling tools. Often, several calculations have to be performed with different initial data. A remote computing system using a high-performance cluster can overcome this challenge. This study aims to develop unified methods and algorithms for a remote computing management system for modelling polymer synthesis processes at a continuous production scale. The mathematical description of the problem-solving algorithms is based on a kinetic approach to process investigation. A conceptual scheme for the proposed service can be built as a multi-level architecture with distributed layers for data storage and computation. This approach provides the basis for a unified database of laboratory and computational experiments to address and solve promising problems in the use of neural network technologies in chemical kinetics. The methods and algorithms embedded in the system eliminate the need for model description. The operation of the system was tested by simulating the simultaneous statement and computation of 15 to 30 tasks for an industrially significant polymer production process. Analysis of the time required showed a nearly 10-fold increase in the rate of operation when managing a set of similar tasks. The analysis shows that the described formulation and solution of problems is more time-efficient and provides better production modes.


Doi: 10.28991/esj-2021-01324

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Cloud Computing; Modelling; Algorithm; Polymer; Network; Management Systems.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2021-01324


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