Deep Learning Research: Scientometric Assessment of Global Publications Output during 2004 -17

B. M. Gupta, S. M. Dhawan


The paper provides a quantitative and qualitative description of deep learning research using bibliometric indicators covering global research publications published during 14-year period 2004-17. Global deep learning research registered 106.76% high growth per annum, and averaged 7.99 citations per paper. Top 10 countries world- over dominate the research field with their 99.74% global publications share and more than 100% global citations share. China ranks the top with the highest (29.25%) global publications share, followed by USA (26.46%), U.K. (6.40%), etc. during the period. Canada tops in relative citation index (5.30). International collaboration has been a major driver of research in the subject with 14.96% to 53.76% of national-level share of top 10 countries output appeared as international collaborative publications. Computer Science is one of the most popular areas of research in deep learning research (76.85% share). The study identifies top 50 most productive organizations and 50 most productive authors and top 20 most productive journals reporting deep learning research and 118 highly cited papers with 100+ citations per paper.


Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Global Publications; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2019-01165


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