Topology of Black Holes’ Horizons

Arturo Tozzi, James F Peters


The Möbius strip spacetime topology and the entangled antipodal points on black hole surfaces, recently described by ‘t Hooft, display an unnoticed relationship with the Borsuk-Ulam theorem from algebraic topology.  Considering this observation and other recent claims which suggest that quantum entanglement takes place on the antipodal points of a S3 hypersphere, a novel topological framework can be developed: a feature encompassed in an S2 unentangled state gives rise, when projected one dimension higher, to two entangled particles.  This allows us to achieve a mathematical description of the holographic principle occurring in S2.  Furthermore, our observations let us to hypothesize that a) quantum entanglement might occur in a four-dimensional spacetime, while disentanglement might be achieved on a motionless, three-dimensional manifold; b) a negative mass might exist on the surface of a black hole.


Borsuk-Ulam Theorem; Antipodal Points; Quantum Entanglement; Holographic Principle; t’Hooft; Möbius Strip.


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DOI: 10.28991/esj-2019-01169


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